9 May

Top discoveries including an elegant pocket watch

It was not just about a summer jam. Back in the day, there was a need to control the time and the sun changes. The pocket watch appeared within many other discoveries. Man, Earth and the Universe are moving at very different scales and in this sense, one might wonder whether the universe is stressed, because from here it seems very quiet down. >

The measures of time present in our daily life are given by the usual events. For example, how long before we get to work, the time spent sleeping or how much time spent waiting in line at the bank. We cannot perceive changes that are longer than our life and so it is very difficult to understand the passage of time scales.

A second in the Universe

What does a ‘second man’ in the cosmological dimension? “It represents very little in the history of the universe. However, initially, those first few seconds of the Universe marked his destiny.” During the life of a person, he, however, can witness ‘change’ “even through a pocket watch or as supernova explosions and other events even more energy as observed in gamma-ray bursts, variations in the sun and other stars. Could have place a collision of a meteorite hitting the Earth.

It is believed that the formation of the Moon was very fast, and if it happened on a planet close to us could have seen how the satellite was hit an object on the planet. Man, Earth and the Universe are moving very different scales.

f for human beings there are references such as time, day or month, through a quality pocket watch. What kind of fractions moves or scales the universe? These references to human beings also have their origin in scales of the universe: the month the Moon’s motion around the Sun and, as we all know, the year and day are also rooted in the movement of objects in the Universe. But outside our usual measures of time, there are processes in the universe that occur at very different scales, from rapid bursts of stars or the second period pulsars to the cooling of the gas between galaxies that can last as long as the age that is the Universe today.

But it is possible to define a time scale that makes us better understand the changes that have taken place in the universe around us. For example, define the rotation of the solar system around the center of our galaxy and time scale. A good pocket watch may allow you to keep track of our galactic year.